Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I’ve watched the film years before I ever got my hands on this so it was difficult for me to build up the suspense that was supposed to be there for first time readers. I have pictured the betrayal, the twisted ways in which Amy framed his husband for her supposed murder and the long, tedious and disciplined plans she took to get what she wanted: revenge for not being cared enough and for her husband’s infidelity. All thanks to the film. I hate that it is embedded in my head, it literally spoiled the thrill I was meant to get out of reading a good book.
Anyways, about Amy, like I said, she’s twisted in many, many ways. Sick actually. She was mentioned in the book to be a sociopath. But from years of studying Psychiatry, she is easily identifiable is a full blown psycopath. Very calculating, patient and hardly leaves trail of evidence for the crimes and traps she’d set up for her husband. Truly intelligent in a sick way. 3/5