The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Oh ghaaadsss. this book, it shattered me. I was crying buckets towards the end and it didn’t help that I was already heartbroken at the thought that everyone Liesel ever loved was going to die. Her responses and the way Death painted the scenes at the final chapter made everything so utterly devastating. My heart broke in pieces. And that’s how I rate a book, according to the degree of emotions it’s able to draw from me. And I sobbed hard at this.
Also, guilt, resistance towards tyranny and the love for words were central themes in the book, and anything that has in common about my principles and interests in life immediately wins me over. So it’s completely easy for me to give this a 5/5.
This is a story that revolved around World War II, the plight of Jews and those who chose to resist and hide the enemies in the safety of their homes inspite of the fatal danger of doing so.

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