The Firm by John Grisham

The Firm by John Grisham I conditioned my mind to think that this should be the best among all of the Grisham books I have read for the past few months because this was published in the 90’s and also because it has a film adaptation. Here is what I think about the book: Mitchelle McDeere is a budding lawyer. It is amazing how he was able to pull off a get away plan like that. Assuming that everything has really been well thought off because he is a brilliant lawyer, the odds should be really really on their side for everything to work together. At the final part of the novel, they ( Ray Mcdeer, Abigail McDeere and Mitchelle McDeere) were chased by 60 Mafia gunmen and hundreds of FBI agents. The Fibbies were only interested in arresting Mitch because they wanted to use him as witness to testify against the Morolto family-the Mafia. While the Mob or the Mafias want him dead. Two group of people hungry to pin him down and the McDeeres were hiding under their very nose. They were not cought which was really just astounding if it were to happen in real life. But then it is fiction alright, so *shrugs shoulders* we get what we need.