A Year of Running

This is a quite accomplished year in terms of running. I have successfully completed 12 races in 12months which honestly was only made because I wanted to cross this off my bucket list. But I never would have imagined the impact of running in my life and the difference it made in terms of my decision making and my motivation to live another day and to keep trying. For example, I noticed I haven’t hated myself (much)lately. I’m not usually very vocal about my inner neurosis/psycho-emotional turbulence that hits me once in a while, but here you go : I am the usual lass who feels unaccomplished, unsuccessful, undisciplined and unmotivated with a dangerously low supply of self esteem. But running turned these feelings into something entirely different.It’s fun. It feels right. I don’t have any motivational reason to expound on. It just feels good. Signing up for a race gives me something to look forward to. Apart from the anxiety I get everytime a long quiz or FMA deadline is approaching, race days are one of those rare moments that I get to be excited about waking up and feeling really alive. I like running alongside people who doesn’t know me and therefore couldn’t judge me except for the trainers that I wear. When I run, I don’t think of anything except that I need to put my feet in front of the other and get moving which is quite liberating. I like the feeling it gives everytime I cross the finish line and be handed with a certificate as proof of your legitimacy of completing a 5/10k run. Which ofcourse are very important to me or to anyone who has run their first. But it isn’t just about the certificate or the medal that you get after each race, it’s the eureka feeling of being young, healthy and strong. Everytime I cross the finish line, I always find myself smiling (which is rare because people say I am perpetually frowning, resting bitch face they call it) and feeling challenged to beat my run time. It’s fun competing with yourself. I keep on telling myself that one day I won’t have the time, strength and money to run races so I am joining events as much as I still can. The money you use for registrations, you will get that back, what you won’t are the chances of feeling that your body is capable of doing more than what you could only imagine.

If there’s any regret about running races, it is that I did not try to bring my phone with me on my runs which meant that I do not get to have photos at the finish line.

This 2018, my bucket list stays the same and this time, with documentation.

Cheers to a strong 2017 and a stronger 2018!