Wicked by Gregory Maguire

I picked this because I wanted a short break from John Grisham. I didn’t expect that this will still be peppered with politics and more. It was both a childrens’ entertaining story, and a criticism of economic policies. Wicked itself, has political as well as philosophical themes. Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, green skinned as she is, was bound to be bullied in her community and in Shiz. But she rose above her circumstances, she used her wit, sarcasm and even her “abnormality” as shield against anyone who made the feeble attempt of slighting her. I like her youthful courage and radicalism which I somehow identify with if given the oppurtunity to join any significant movement that reflects my ideologies. She joined the resistance against the government who trampled on the rights of the Animals which is quite admirable given that Animals were a minority in her university and in Oz and she could have a choice to remain apathetic of the new policies against Animals imposed by the Wizard of Oz. Yet, believing that Humans and Animals are sentient beings alike, she fought for their rights though later it would be discovered that the coup attempt wasn’t much of a success. Regardless, she continued to question the moral fibers of the leaders, ceaselessly pondering over what is evil or what is good and what drives them to do which they do. I like how she chose to remain emphatic towards the lesser privileged tribes despite her being the rightful Emminent Thropp which gives her a lot of advances if she wished to. This is how Elphaba described the Emerald City under the leadership of the Wizard and how the Gale Forces were executing the law of the lands: “They march in those boots over the poor and the weak. They terrify households at three in the morning and drag away dissenters – and break up printing presses with their axes – and hold mock trials for treason at midnight and executions at dawn. They rake over every quarter of this beautiful, false city. They harvest a crop of victims on a monthly basis. It’s a government by terror” She could just have supported whatever was popular to avoid chaos but she resisted, she wasn’t so keen about the idea of tyranny thus her choice being an insurrectionist. So far, this is quite a great read for girls, it talks a lot about how a woman can stand and think on her own. 6/10 because there were passages that shouldn’t have been in the book. Those were draffing chapters that didn’t make a connection to the conclusion, I am referring to her extended stay at the Vinkus with Sarima, her kids and her sisters.20228302_10212145274259271_2213946935466113288_n


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