The Hollow by Agatha Christie

I’ve been hearing the name Agatha Christie since highschool but for some reason ,I haven’t gotten myself to either download an e.copy of any of her books or purchase one at bookstores. Anyhoo, I purchased five of hers at a thrift online store and I intend to binge on them after I’m done with all of the John Grisham books neatly piled in my bedroom. The Hollow was the first one because the title sound so mysterious.
If Agatha was an actual person I’ll have to meet, I’d say I haven’t done my assignment of background checking, say stalk Facebook or IG account. I had no idea she was into this genre – mystery/thriller. The Hollow in particular is a classic mystery book with sufficient spices of juicy riddles and compelling characters that ultimately wrapped up in a deliciously intriguing murder. I am particularly fond of Henrietta Savernake, an artist, an empath, a sort of fling to Dr. Christow and the one who kind of manipulated all the evidences to point the attention of the detectives and the police far from the killer. She is quick on her wits, easily spotting on cues that might lead to the discovery of the murderer and extraordinarily smooth in dodging near discoveries. It is amazing that she didn’t succumb to grief after Christow’s death. Instead of yielding to shock and sorrow at seeing the love of her life sprawled lifeless in a pool, she chose to stay cool by disposing of the proof of someone’s crime. Also, I like how she poured out her life to her passion – sculpting. At one point, John Christow said “If I were dead, the first thing you’d do, with the tears streaming down your face, would be to start modelling some damned mourning woman or some figure of grief”. And true enough she was working on something when the book concluded. 6/10


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