Sycamore Row by John Grisham

Can you believe how brilliant this cover is? Well, first off, book title is Sycamore Row as in a row of Sycamore trees. And as the story unfold, you’ll discover that out of the six trees that used to be standing in that spot, only one was left. The same tree where Seth Hubbard, the sort of protagonist in the story, hung himself to death. Coincidentally, that’s the same tree where Seth’s father Cleon Hubbard ( five decades prior to his suicide ) lynched Sylvester Rinds by hanging. So that explains the single tree in the cover.
Now the color, when Seth Hubbard died, he left a vast fortune to his housemaid, how vast is vast? Gasp, gasp 24million dollars. And guess what he disinherited his wives and children. Yip 90% of his wealth according to his holographic will goes to his housemaid Lettie Lang. Naturally, the immediate family, Seth’s children would contest the will as there had been one made a year earlier and LL was out of the picture. The “rightful heirs” were in that will ofcourse. And so the battle of wills began. Simply put, a war over millions of GREEN bills. Thus the grass colored text of the author’s name. Here goes black and white, anyone who has read the novel would certainly be able to relate with me when I say that this was a war defined in terms of white versus black. Cleon Hubbard’s white pride couldn’t stand the thought that a black man, Sylvester Rinds owned an 80hectare land. So to lick his wounded ego, he lynched the man, burned the house and had every Rinds flee from the place. Brilliant. But Seth was a better man, sixty years down the road, he found a way to atone for his father’s vileness, leave the wealth he was able to amass in the last ten years of his life to Sylvester’s progeny, Lettie Lang. Tadaah!! Surprise of the century. Ok ,I’m gushing. And I am completely spewing words incoherently. Sum this up, I am thoroughly impressed with the book’s cover designer and the author’s brightness in stringing a courtroom drama. So many elements here that drove me close to tears. Brilliant.
ps: Zoe Saldana is vividly portrayed in my mind as Portia Lang, Jake Brigance’s paralegal who happened to be Lettie Lang’s daughter.
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