Canigao Island



Sharing with you an itinerary of my latest beach excursion at one of the beautiful beaches of Leyte.

As I’m only starting out to blog, this post might be a bit sloppy and messy, I know it isn’t an excuse, but I promise I’m gonna make something nicer and more decent entries on my next posts. Meantime, I hope this may be helpful if you’re planning to visit Canigao on a shoestring budget. Enjoy!


From Tacloban City New Bus Terminal to Matalom, Leyte ( airconditioned van via Baybay City or Maasin City) – Php 220.00 [ 3.5 – 4.0 hours ]

From Matalom town proper to Canigao Island ( inclusive of boat fare and entrance fee, back and forth ) Php 105.00 [ 15 minutes ]

For an overnight stay, the island offers a dorm type room at Php 1500.00 per night for four persons, you can also either pitch your own tent at Php 90.00 for the island fee or rent a tent at Php 300.00. Cottage prices is at Php 500.00 – Php 700.00 per night. To economize, I recommend you bring your own tent. It’s cheaper and there is always fun in pitching your own. 😉

Eat your lunch if you have a packed one, you can also cook your own meal as there are available kiosks for cooking and grilling. I packed mine.

Move around the island, you will have toured the entire island in 30 – 45 minutes.

Swim, swim, swim.

Eat dinner. As I only have junk foods with me, I had my dinner cooked. Costed me Php 150.00 for a cup of rice, blue bay tuna and a fried egg.

I stayed at a cottage where I pitched my tent, turned on the light and read Agatha Christie’s The Hollow. Stayed there until around 8pm then retired to my tent for a movie marathon. I slept at around 11pm. Unlike the other islands, Canigao is pretty cool at night so there was no need for me to sleep in an open tent.

Wake up at 4:00 am for another round of soul searching or picture taking. The birds’ chirps are quite literally the only noise you’ll hear this early. So peaceful and calming.

Pack up at 7:00 am, depending on the number of passengers, first boat to sail going back to the town proper is at 8:00am.

From Matalom town proper, ride a tricycle to the town of Bato where the vans bound for Tacloban are waiting. – Php 12.00 [ 10 minutes ]

Breakdown of my expenses:

Tacloban to Matalom                     – Php 220.00

Boat Fare/Entrance Fee                – Php 105.00

Tent Fee                                              -Php 300.00

Dinner                                                  -Php 150.00

Matalom to Bato                              -Php 12.00

Matalom to Tacloban                     -Php 200.00

Php 987.00




Beautiful sky.



Mangroves are expected.



Lots of flowers of this kind within the island.


Early morning glimpse of sun.


A tree along the shore.